The Department of English, since its formation, has been focusing on promoting the communication skills of students entering the portals of technical education as well as higher education . The students are put through training in English for Professional Communication and Business Correspondence during their first semester. The objectives of teaching English have undergone continuous changes in the last two decades. Language is now increasingly being recognized as more psychology than reason, more culture than intellect and more usage than grammar.

What we need today is a practical vision for framing the curriculum, based on modern advanced theories to suit the present times and that it needs regular updating. Thus, curriculum revision has been implemented to consolidate and strengthen the language skills of our target groups, in consultation with experts in the field, also keeping in mind that with the paradigm shift from the Mere exercise of Writing to Communication, stress is more on Interactive English. To enhance the power of imagination and creative writing, activities such as developing a story from a given outline or from a given beginning, converting episodes into dialogues and then developing them into a short play etc. have been included.

Courses Offered